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us ( Any problems or suggestions are greatly appreciated. A: You can use this: SELECT top 1 'ID', 'Col1', 'Col2' FROM (SELECT 'ID',Col1,Col2 FROM tbl) as a and then look for ID from the result set. Also you can use Row_number() or COUNT(). You could just use order by (I am guessing): SELECT TOP 1 * FROM dbo.tableName ORDER BY col1, col2 How about something like this? SELECT TOP 1 id, col1, col2 FROM tbl ORDER BY col1, col2 I tend to think about “the future” in a couple of different ways. First, I think about what I see as being possible given my current understanding of the world, but that may be quite limited. I can imagine the world as it could be. This is an estimate of what is possible. Second, I think about what is possible given an imagined world state. This is more speculative, but it is very easy to imagine scenarios that may be far-fetched or unachievable, and the more general the imagined state, the easier it is to imagine far-fetched things. In short, the farther out I go, the more I can imagine. That said, the “I imagine the future” part of this blog is not really about prediction. It is more a commentary on what I find interesting. Sometimes I am discussing visions of the future that I have imagined or read about. Sometimes I am discussing the future as it may be, not my imagination. Today’s feature is a high speed train in Japan. It is not just a train. It is a train for about 3,500 people going from Tokyo to Osaka at just over 300 km/hr, about three times faster than the average commuter train in Japan. In total, about 6,500 people will be transported. It will travel through the mountains and go up some very steep hills. It will do all of this with zero emissions. They call it an “ecospeed train”. It is not just ecologically friendly. It is a true dream of the future.Q: ¿Cómo




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Ncomputing Vspace License Crack Software - fergabo
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